Illinois Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force

 ​The Illinois Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force was created by Executive Order 2016-05.  The Task Force was active from April 5, 2016, through June 30, 2019, when it was dissolved per Executive Order 2016-05.  The Executive Inspector General served as the Chair of the Task Force.  This webpage includes relevant documents and information about the public meetings the Task Force held.

During its tenure, the Task Force achieved many accomplishments.  Those accomplishment are discussed in detail in the Task Force reports, located in the "relevant documents" section of this webpage.  A few examples of the Task Force's work, include:

  • reporting over $600 million dollars in savings, recoupment, and avoidance in Medicaid spending;
  • increasing data sharing among agencies that work with health care programs to better collaborate on efforts to fight fraud, waste, and abuse;
  • changing forms and processes to capture fraudulent activity and put participants on notice of their responsibilities;
  • increasing training, access to wellness services, and prepayment audits to proactively address health care issues;
  • forming relationships with agencies and organizations outside of the Task Force to enrich its knowledge of best practices; 
  • conducting post-payment reviews to collect overpayments and terminate fraudulent providers;
  • participating in nationwide health care fraud takedowns that included indictments of several individuals; and 
  • creating an initiative to focus on waste and fraud in in-home care programs.