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This website is intended to provide you with information and resources related to the functions of this office. The menu above provides immediate access to our publicly disclosed investigative reports, related decisions, newsletters and other information. 

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OEIG Reports and Publications https://www2.illinois.gov/oeig/publications/pages/reports.aspxOEIG Reports and Publications If the Executive Inspector General determines, after an investigation is completed, that reasonable cause exists to believe that a violation occurred, a summary report of the investigation will be issued. The Executive Ethics Commission determines whether the OEIG summary report will be made public. In addition, the OEIG publishes monthly newsletters, annual reports and other mandated reporting information.
Reporting Misconducthttps://www2.illinois.gov/oeig/complaints/pages/fileacomplaint.aspxReporting MisconductThe OEIG accepts information and complaints from all sources regarding fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement by State employees under the jurisdiction of the governor, public universities, regional transit boards, or others doing business with these entities. The identity of any individual reporting misconduct to the OEIG is required to be kept confidential, unless the individual consents to disclosure of his/her identity or disclosure is otherwise required by law.
Hiring and Employment Monitoring Divisionhttps://www2.illinois.gov/oeig/hem/pages/default.aspxHiring and Employment Monitoring DivisionThe OEIG created HEM to conduct compliance-based reviews of State hiring and employment procedures and decisions to ensure that they are fair and in keeping with governing authority. HEM conducts hiring file reviews, monitors interview sequences as they occur, advises on appropriate changes to procedures and processes at State agencies, and works with Special Master Noelle Brennan and her associates who conducts court appointed duties relating to employment practices at IDOT. HEM’s work helps facilitate justifiable and merit-based State hiring and employment decisions.