Investigative Findings

Upon conclusion of an investigation by the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor, a report regarding the investigation may be completed and provided to the appropriate ultimate jurisdictional authority (e.g., the governor with respect to investigations involving agencies under his/her authority or the board of trustees of a state public university or regional transit board with respect to investigations involving its employees). A copy of the report is also furnished to the head of the state agency affected by or involved in the investigation, if appropriate, and to the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission.

Such investigative reports may include a recommendation of administrative action to be taken as a result of violations found by the investigation to be substantiated. Reports may also include recommendations aimed at minimizing the possibility of future occurrences of similar violations or other management actions.

When supported by investigative findings, an investigative report may also be provided to an appropriate prosecutor for review, to determine whether the underlying facts support a criminal prosecution.

Because, by law the OEIG is required to conduct its investigative work in a confidential manner, the records of ongoing investigations are not available to the public. Under certain circumstances, the Illinois Executive Ethics Commission may publicly release our final reports in cases where misconduct is found to have occurred.

It is the general policy of the Office to neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation or complaint.