Ethics Officers

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum​Melissa Schaefer217.557.5875​​
Abuse Prevention Review TeamSnigdha
Adult Redeploy Illinois Oversight BoardRobin
Advisory Board of Livestock CommissionersCraig
Advisory Commission on Private Sewage DisposalSnigdha
Advisory Committee for Family Practice ResidenciesSnigdha
Advisory Council on Alcoholism & Other Drug DependencyRobert
Advisory Council on Spinal Cord and Head InjuriesVacant
African American Advisory CouncilCarol
African American Employment Plan Advisory CouncilRobert
African American Family CommissionJustin
Agricultural Export Advisory CommitteeCraig
Alzheimer's Disease Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Licensing BoardSnigdha
Appeals Advisory CommitteeColette
Asian American Advisory CouncilCarol
Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory CouncilRobert
Atherosclerosis Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Auction Advisory BoardSherry
Autism Task ForceRobert
Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics and Nail Technology BoardSherry
Benefits Appeal CommitteeBenno
Bilingual Advisory CouncilColette
Blind Services Planning CouncilRobert
Board of AcupunctureSherry
Board of Athletic TrainersSherry
Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules (Boiler Safety Board)Matthew
Board of Credit Union AdvisorsSherry
Board of Environmental Health PractitionersSherry
Board of Interior Design ProfessionalsSherry
Board of Licensing for PerfusionistsSherry
Board of Licensing for Professional GeologistsSherry
Board of NursingSherry
Board of Orthotics, Prosthetics and PedorthicsSherry
Board of Saving InstitutionsSherry
Board of Speech-Language Pathology and AudiologySherry
Board of State Fair AdvisorsCraig
Breast Cancer Quality Screening Review BoardShannon
Budgeting for Results CommissionRoma
Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Females & Persons with DisabilitiesRobert
Capital Development BoardAmy
Carnival/Amusement Safety BoardBenno
Cattle Disease Research CommitteeCraig
Cemetery Oversight BoardSherry>
Certified Shorthand Reporters BoardSherry
Chicago State UniversityRobin
Chicago Transit AuthorityStephen L.
Child Care and Development Advisory CouncilRobert
Child Death Review TeamCarol
Child Support Advisory CommitteeShannon
Child Welfare Advisory CouncilCarol
Child Welfare Employee Licensing BoardCarol
Children Family Services Advisory CouncilCarol
Children's Justice Task ForceCarol
Clinical Psychologists Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Collection Agency Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Commission on Environmental JusticeAJ
Commission Review BoardRonald
Community & Residential Services AuthorityLynn
Community Care Program Advisory CommitteeKaren
Community Water Supply Laboratory Testing CouncilAnwar
Confidential Intermediary Advisory CouncilCarol
Coroner Training Board​Duane Northrup​217.384.3888​
Council on Alcoholism & Other Drug DependencyVacant
David A. Wirsing Food Animal Institute BoardCraig
Dental Policy Review CommitteeShannon
Diabetes CommissionSnigdha
Dietitian Nutritionist Practice BoardSherry
Domestic Violence Advisory CouncilRobert
Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust FundAJ
Due Process Screening CommitteeColette
Eastern Illinois UniversityRobert
Education Funding Advisory BoardColette
Elevator Safety Review BoardMatthew
Emergency Medical Services Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory BoardSnigdha
Employment and Economic Opportunity for People with Disabilities Task ForceJoe
Employment Security Advisory BoardJoe
Employment Security Board of ReviewJoe
End Stage Renal Disease Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Energy Efficiency CommitteeRobert
Executive Ethics CommissionChad
Facilities Report Card Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
FAIR Plan Association Governing CommitteeCatherine Lacey217.557.7316C​​
Family Planning Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Fertilizer Research and Education CouncilCraig
Financial Reporting Standards BoardRoma
Fine Arts Review CommitteeAmy
Fire Advisory CommissionMatthew
Fire Fighting Medal of Honor CommitteeMatthew
Fire Truck Revolving Loan CommitteeMatthew
Funeral Directors and Embalmers Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Gear up and Steps Ahead Advisory CommitteeRobert
Gender Equity Advisory CommitteeColette
Genetic Metabolic Diseases Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Gifted & Talented Children Advisory Council on EducationColette
Governor's Council on Health & Physical FitnessSnigdha
Governor's Rural Affairs CouncilEnnedy
Governors State UniversitySarah
Governor's Travel Control BoardRobert
Governor's Working Group on Education for Illinois' Blind and Deaf StudentsVacant
Groundwater Advisory CouncilAJ
Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Advisory CouncilVacant
Health & Hazardous Substances Coordinating CouncilSnigdha
Health Care Advocate CommissionVacant
Health Care Event Reporting Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Health Care Worker Task ForceVacant
Health Data Task Force, Hospice & Palliative Care Advisory BoardSnigdha
Health Facilities Service and Review BoardJeannie
Hearing Instrument Consumer Protection BoardSnigdha
Hemophilia Advisory Review BoardShannon
Hispanic Advisory CouncilRobert
Home Health, Home Services & Home Nursing Advisory BoardSnigdha
Home Medical Equipment and Services BoardSherry
Hospital Licensing BoardSnigdha
Human Services 211 Collaboration BoardRobert
Human Services CommissionRobert
ICRE-R Advisory CouncilRobert
Illinois Adoption Advisory CouncilCarol
Illinois Adoption Registry Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Illinois Adult Advisory BoardDaryl
Illinois Advisory Board for Services for Persons Who are Deaf-BlindMichelle
Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund Advisory BoardKathryn
Illinois Architecture Licensing BoardSherry
Illinois Arts CouncilRomie
Illinois Board of DentistrySherry
Illinois Board of ExaminersRussell
Illinois Board of Higher EducationKaren
Illinois Broadband Deployment CouncilJustin
Illinois Center for Nursing Advisory BoardSherry
Illinois Century Network Policy CommitteeBenno
Illinois Charter School CommissionShenita
Illinois Children's Mental Health PartnershipRobert
Illinois Civil Service CommissionAndrew
Illinois Commerce CommissionJayesh Hines-Shah312.793.2846​
Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community ServiceSnigdha
Illinois Committee for Agricultural EducationColette
Illinois Community College BoardEllen
Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan BoardKim
Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review BoardPhilip
Illinois Conservation FoundationGeorge
Illinois Council on AgingRhonda
Illinois Council on Developmental DisabilitiesJaninna
Illinois Criminal Justice Information AuthorityRobin
Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing CommissionTonia
Illinois Department of AgricultureCraig
Illinois Department of Central Management ServicesRobert
Illinois Department of Children and Family ServicesCarol
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic OpportunityJustin
Illinois Department of CorrectionsKelly
Illinois Department of Corrections Advisory BoardKelly
Illinois Department of Employment SecurityJoe
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional RegulationSherry
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family ServicesShannon
Illinois Department of Human RightsMary
Illinois Department of Human ServicesRobert
Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology​Matt Runyen​312.814.1882​
Illinois Department of InsuranceCatherine Lacey217.557.7316Catherine.Lacey2@illi​​
Illinois Department of Juvenile JusticeEsther
Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Advisory BoardEsther
Illinois Department of LaborBenno
Illinois Department of Military AffairsRobert
Illinois Department of Natural ResourcesGeorge
Illinois Department of Public HealthSnigdha
Illinois Department of RevenueJim
Illinois Department of the LotteryAnnice
Illinois Department of TransportationPhilip
Illinois Department of Veterans' AffairsElisabeth
Illinois Department on AgingRhonda
Illinois Early Learning CouncilColette
Illinois Educational Labor Relations BoardVictor
Illinois Emergency Management AgencyJenifer L.
Illinois Endangered Species Protection BoardGeorge
Illinois Environmental Protection AgencyAJ
Illinois Ethanol Research Advisory BoardJustin
Illinois Finance AuthorityElizabeth
Illinois Forestry Development CouncilGeorge
Illinois Gaming BoardAgostino
Illinois Governor's Office of Management & BudgetRoma
Illinois Grain Insurance CorporationCraig
Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy CommissionKenya
Illinois Habitat Fund Advisory CommitteeGeorge
Illinois Health Data Dissemination Initiative Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Illinois Historic Sites Advisory CouncilVacant
Illinois Horse Racing and Breeding Industry CommitteeCraig
Illinois Housing Development AuthorityKathryn
Illinois Housing Task ForceKathryn
Illinois Human Rights CommissionDonyelle
Illinois Humanities CouncilElise Mackevich
Illinois Independent Tax TribunalJames
Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship EducationIda R. Manning312.587.9296
Illinois Integrated Justice Information System Implementation BoardLisa
Illinois Labor Relations BoardHelen
Illinois Land Surveyors Licensing BoardSherry
Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards BoardKelly
Illinois Liquor Control CommissionJim
Illinois Long Term Care CouncilKaren
Illinois Lottery Control BoardAnnice
Illinois Mathematics and Science AcademyLawrence
Illinois Medical District CommissionKesner
Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention CouncilRobin
Illinois Nature Preserves CommissionGeorge
Illinois Optometric Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Illinois Perinatal Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Illinois Petroleum Resources BoardGeorge
Illinois Pollution Control BoardMarie
Illinois Power AgencyBrian
Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program Advisory CommitteeRobert
Illinois Prisoner Review BoardJason
Illinois Procurement Policy BoardJeffery
Illinois Racing BoardMichael
Illinois Racing Quarter Horse Breeders Fund Advisory BoardCraig
Illinois School for the Deaf Advisory CouncilRobert
Illinois School for Visually Impaired Advisory CouncilRobert
Illinois Secure Choice Savings BoardJoanna
Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory CouncilKathy
Illinois Standardbred Breeders Fund Advisory BoardCraig
Illinois State Advisory Council on Education of Children w/ DisabilitiesColette
Illinois State Board of EducationColette
Illinois State Board of ElectionsHeather Kimmons217.782.4141
Illinois State Board of InvestmentShannon
Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing ReformChristina
Illinois State Educator Preparation and Licensure BoardColette
Illinois State Museum BoardCharlotte
Illinois State Performance Evaluation Advisory CouncilColette
Illinois State PoliceMatthew
Illinois State Police Merit BoardDaniel
Illinois State Toll Highway AuthorityGina Sabbia630.241.6800
Illinois State UniversityRobert
Illinois Structural Engineering BoardSherry
Illinois Student Assistance CommissionKaren
Illinois Suicide Prevention AllianceSnigdha
Illinois Terrorism Task ForceJenifer L.
Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief CommissionMichelle
Illinois Veterans' Advisory CouncilElisabeth
Illinois Workers' Compensation CommissionRonald
Illinois Workforce Investment BoardJustin
Immunization Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Informal Dispute Resolution Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Innovations in Long Term Care Quality Grants CommitteeSnigdha
Interagency Committee on Farmland PreservationCraig
Interagency Committee on PesticidesCraig
Interagency Coordinating CouncilRobert
Interagency Council on Early InterventionRobert
Interagency Wetlands CommitteeGeorge
Interpreter Licensure BoardTonia
Juvenile Justice CommissionRobert
Labor Advisory BoardBenno
Landscape Architect Registration BoardSherry
Latino Advisory CommitteeCarol
Latino ConsortiumCarol
Latino Family CommissionRobert
Law Enforcement Medal of Honor CommitteeSuzanne
Livestock Management Facilities Advisory CommitteeCraig
Local Food, Farms, and Jobs CouncilCraig
Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task ForceEnnedy
Local Government Health Plan Advisory BoardRobert
Local Legacy Act BoardGeorge
Long Term Care Facility Advisory BoardFrank W.
Low Income Heating & Energy Assistance Program Policy Advisory Committee (LIHEAP)Vacant
Low Level Radioactive Waste Task GroupJenifer L.
Manufactured Housing Quality Assurance BoardSnigdha
Marriage and Family Therapy Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Massage Licensing BoardSherry
Maternal and Child Health Advisory BoardSnigdha
Medicaid Advisory CommitteeShannon
Mental Health Planning and Advisory CouncilRobert
Metro (Bi-State) Development AgencyPhilip
Mid-Illinois Medical DistrictRoland
Migrant Head Start Advisory CommitteeRobert
Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund BoardCatherine
Miners Examining BoardGeorge
Naprapathic Examining CommitteeSherry
Natural Resources Advisory BoardGeorge
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Advisory CommitteeSnigdha Acharya​312.814.2684​
Northeastern Illinois UniversityLeah
Northern Illinois UniversityJames G.
Nursing Home Administrators Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Nursing Home Rate Review BoardShannon
Nutrition Services Advisory CouncilRobert
Occupational Therapy Licensure BoardSherry
Office of Executive Inspector GeneralDavid
Office of the GovernorChristina
Office of the Lieutenant GovernorEnnedy
Office of the State Fire MarshalMatthew
Oil & Gas Advisory BoardGeorge
Older Adult Services Advisory CommitteeKaren
One Family, One ChildCarol
Opioid Prevention and Intervention Task ForceSnigdha
P20 CouncilEllen
PaceJames J.
Penny Severns Breast, Cervical and Ovarian Cancer Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Physical Therapy Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Plumbing Code Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Podiatric Medical Licensing BoardSherry
Poison Control Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
Private Business and Vocational Schools Advisory CouncilKaren
Private Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security and Locksmith BoardSherry
Professional Counselor Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Property Tax Appeal BoardDianne
Pseudorabies Advisory CommitteeCraig
Psychiatric Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Public Accountants Registration CommitteeSherry
Quality Care Advisory BoardRobert
Radiation Protection Advisory CouncilJenifer L.
Radiologic Technologist Accreditation Advisory BoardJenifer L.
Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Real Estate Appraisal BoardSherry
Real Estate Education Advisory CouncilSherry
Redeploy IllinoisRobert
Regional Transportation AuthorityMichael
Regulations and Site Remediation Advisory CommitteeKenneth
Renal Disease Advisory CommitteeShannon
Residential Mortgage BoardSherry
Respiratory Care BoardSherry
Roofing Advisory BoardSherry
Seed Arbitration CouncilCraig
Self-Insurers Advisory BoardRonald
Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise Task ForceScott
Social Services Advisory BoardRobert
Social Work Examining and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Soil and Water Conservation Districts Advisory BoardCraig
Southern Illinois UniversityMichelle
Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan Planning CommissionPhilip
State Banking Board of IllinoisSherry
State Board of HealthSnigdha
State Board of PharmacySherry
State Board of Plumbing ExaminersSnigdha
State Board of Professional EngineersSherry
State Council for Interstate Compacts for Adult OffenderKelly
State Duck Stamp CommitteeGeorge
State Emergency Medical Services Disciplinary Review BoardSnigdha
State Employee & University Combined Appeal Advisory BoardRobert
State Furbearer CommitteeGeorge
State Government Suggestion Award BoardCynthia
State Health Improvement Plan Planning TeamSnigdha
State Housing Appeals BoardKathryn
State Interagency Committee on Employees with DisabilitiesMary
State Medical Disciplinary BoardSherry
State Medical Licensing BoardSherry
State Mining BoardGeorge
State of Illinois Rivers CouncilGeorge
State Pheasant FundGeorge
State Rehabilitation Advisory CouncilRobert
State Retirement SystemsCasey
State Teacher Certification BoardColette
State Testing Review CommitteeColette
State Trauma Advisory CouncilSnigdha
State Universities Civil Service SystemDavid
State Universities Retirement SystemBianca
State Use CommitteeRobert
State Workers' Compensation Program Advisory BoardRobert
Statewide Citizen's Committee on Abuse and NeglectCarol
Statewide Foster Care Advisory CouncilCarol
Statewide Independent Living CouncilRobert
Statewide Youth Advisory BoardCarol Melton​
Stroke Task ForceSnigdha
Structural Pest Control Advisory CouncilSnigdha
Sustainable Agriculture CommitteeCraig
Swine Disease Control CommitteeCraig
Task force on Radon-Resistant Building CodesJenifer L.
Taskforce on the condition of African American Men in IllinoisVacant
Teachers' Retirement SystemCynthia
Teachers' Retirement System BoardMarcilene
Ticket for the Cure Advisory BoardSnigdha
Travel Regulation CouncilRobert
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory CommitteeSnigdha
University of IllinoisDonna
Urban Weatherization Initiative BoardJustin
Veterinarian Licensing and Disciplinary BoardSherry
Water Supply Operators Advisory BoardAllen
Water Well and Pump Installation Contractors Licensing BoardSnigdha
Western Illinois UniversityWilliam
Workers' Compensation Advisory BoardRonald
Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Advisory BoardRonald