State, Federal Teams to Begin Review of Home, Business Flood Damage

Documentation Could Support Request for Federal Assistance 

SPRINGFIELD – This week, local, state and federal damage assessment teams will shift their focus to a review of the residential and commercial damage and costs incurred from the Great Flood of 2019. Local officials will lead the joint assessment teams to areas most impacted by this devastating event. It is encouraged that local residents and business owners work with their county emergency management agency to assist with this very important evaluation. The teams will begin in the northern portion of the state on Monday and move south as they complete their work. This extensive process is expected to last several weeks. 

“We’re closely monitoring progress of the teams each day to see where we stand with both number of homes with major damage and the impact this disaster has had on communities,” said Acting IEMA Director, Alicia Tate-Nadeau. “This agency will work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of those impacted by this disaster, and part of that includes building an irrefutable case for federal assistance.” 

In order to request federal assistance, Governor JB Pritzker must submit a request letter that includes the damage assessment results as well as information about the overall impact of the disaster on affected communities. That information could include such factors as level of insurance, length of time people were displaced, economic effects of road closures on businesses and workers, to number of people assisted by social service agencies, impact of power outages, unemployment rates and more. 

The State of Illinois has until September 3 to submit a request to the federal government for a major disaster declaration. Damage assessment teams began reviewing flood and storm-related costs with local and state governments on July 29, with plans to begin assessing the damage to homes and businesses beginning August 12. 

It is also important to note that residents should be alert for scams which can take a variety of forms during this assessment period. All team members will carry official identification at all times. Residents who have questions about the legitimacy of anyone who approaches them should ask to see proper identification. Protect your personal information. Damage assessment teams will never offer you pre-paid cards or request your personal information over the phone. Residents are urged to immediately report any fraudulent activity to their local law enforcement. 

This joint damage assessments will take place in the following counties: Carroll, Whiteside, Rock Island, Mercer, Henderson, Knox, Henry, Peoria, Pike, Woodford, Calhoun, Madison, Monroe, Hancock, Adams, Jersey, Randolph, Jackson, Union, Stephenson, Winnebago and Alexander Counties. Due to the extensive geographic region and on-going flood fight impeding key transportation thoroughfares, this process is expected to last several weeks. 

For updates on the current flood operation, visit the Ready Illinois website at