Clinton Nuclear Power Station Emergency Preparedness in November 2023

SPRINGFIELD – Enclosed is information regarding emergency preparedness for the Clinton Nuclear Power Station (NPS). This information is being provided so that the media may become familiar with the Illinois Plan for Radiological Accidents (IPRA) and the Constellation emergency plan. In the event of an incident at the Clinton NPS, the media would play an important role in providing emergency information to the public.

The next exercise of the IPRA involving state and local emergency personnel in the vicinity of the Clinton NPS is scheduled to be conducted in November 2023. The media will receive advance notice of the next Clinton NPS Exercise and an opportunity to participate in the exercise.

Please call the number listed above if you have any questions or wish to schedule a training session for your staff, especially any new personnel, to discuss the emergency plans.

Please post this notice to ensure that all media personnel are advised of the exercise and training opportunity.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA):