Suspicious Mail/Package and Bomb Awareness Training

The Illinois Terrorism Task Force developed the following materials to provide the public, local government, businesses and private sector entities with information on how to handle mail and packages of a suspicious nature:

Course Information Guide

This document provides guidance on the course objectives, target audience, course material and the media used to present the course.

For a course information guide, download:
Course Information Guide

Training Program with Audio

This Media Player program is 30 minutes in length and covers the following:

  • Introduction
    • Purpose/History
    • Vulnerability/Risks
  • Awareness
    • Package Characteristics
    • Unknown Substances
    • Explosive Devices
      • IEDs/Bomb Vests
  • Procedures/Response
    • What You Need To Do
    • Threat Checklist
    • What 1st Responders Do
  • Summary/Closing

    To view this presentation, download:
    Suspicious and Unknown Mail/Package/Explosive Awareness Training

Mail–Package–Explosive Threat Checklist

This brochure is intended to be kept by an employee’s phone or computer to use when a threat is presented. It provides prompts for information to be noted during the notification or observation of a threat.

For a complete threat checklist, download:
Mail-Package-Explosive Threat Checklist

Sample Action Plan

This document provides an example of a plan. It is recommended that the plan be customized to your locations needs, policies and procedures.

For a sample action plan, download:
Sample Action Plan
Sample Action Plan-Poster