Do I qualify for the property tax credit on my individual income tax return if I sold my home?

You may figure a credit for Illinois property you sold during the current tax year by combining all the preceding year’s property tax paid in the current tax year, as well as a portion of the current year’s tax paid based on the time you owned and lived at the property during the current year. You may not take a credit on your current-year return for property sold during the preceding tax year. For more information about the property tax credit, please refer to  Publication 108, Illinois Property Tax Credit

Note:  You must include your Property Index Number on Schedule ICR, Illinois Credits, if you are claiming a property tax credit. You may get this number from your property tax bill, your assessment notice, your mortgage lender (if your property taxes are escrowed), or from the county assessor's office in which the property is located. In some counties this number is also referred to as the parcel number or permanent number. Failure to provide this information will result in processing and refund delays.

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