May I use my certificate of registration to purchase items tax-free?

You cannot use your Certificate of Registration by itself to purchase items tax-free. You must complete a CRT-61, Certificate of Resale, which is a statement that the property you purchase is for purposes of resale.

You may use other forms or statements in place of Form CRT-61. Certificates of Resale must contain:

  • the seller's name and address;
  • the purchaser's name and address;
  • a description of the property being purchased;
  • a statement that the property is being purchased for resale;
  • the purchaser's signature and date of signing; and
  • either an Illinois account ID number, an Illinois resale number, or a certification of resale to an out-of-state purchaser.

A purchase order signed by the purchaser may be used as a Certificate of Resale if it contains all of the above required information.

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