IDOR Management Team

David Harris
Assistant Director
Chief of Staff
Jim Nichelson
Account Processing Program Administrator
Kevin Richards
Audit Bureau Manager
Roger Koss
Chief Administrative Law Judge
Terry Charlton
Chief Information Officer
Lou Calvetti
Chief Internal Auditor
Nikki Lanier
Collections Bureau Manager
Steven Hayes
Criminal Investigations Manager
Kasey Cook
General Counsel
Colin Bowes-Carlson
Informal Conference Board Administrator Contact
Dan Hall
Labor Relations Manager
David Mack
(Acting) Research Office Chief Economist
Andy Chupick
Associate Director
Chief of Enforcement
Vince Cacioppo
Administrative Services Program Administrator
Don Stephens
Board of Appeals Chairman
Brian Wolfberg
Chief Fiscal Officer
Cory Staley
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Legislative Liaison
Richard Sgro
Communications Office Manager
Terry Horstman
EEO Officer
Yumnah Tayyab
Human Resources Manager
Bobby Tucker
Internal Affairs Manager
Patrick Ross
Public Information Officer
Maura Kownacki
Taxpayer Services Program Administrator
Max Letterly