2018 Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Forms

IL-1041 Instructions Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule D)
IL-1041-X Instructions Amended Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax Return (includes Schedule D)
IL-1041-V  Payment Voucher for Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax

​To make an estimated payment or prepayment for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2019.
IL-1041-X-V  Payment Voucher for Amended Fiduciary Income and Replacement Tax
IL-56  Notice of Fiduciary Relationship
IL-477 Instructions Replacement Tax Investment Credits
IL-1000-E  Certificate of Exemption for Pass-through Withholding Payments
IL-4562 Instructions Special Depreciation
IL-4644 Instructions Gains from Sales of Employer’s Securities Received from a Qualified Employee Benefit Plan
Schedule CR Instructions Credit for Tax Paid to Other States
Schedule F Instructions Gains from Sales or Exchanges of Property Acquired Before August 1, 1969
Schedule I Instructions Income Received
Schedule K-1-T  Beneficiary's Share of Income and Deductions
  Schedule K-1-T(1) Instructions for Trusts and Estates Completing Schedule K-1-T and Schedule K-1-T(3)
  Schedule K-1-T(2) Beneficiary's Instructions
Schedule K-1-T(3)  Pass-through Withholding Calculation for Nonresident Members
Schedule M Instructions Other Additions and Subtractions (for businesses) 
Schedule NLD Instructions Illinois Net Loss Deduction
Schedule NR Instructions Nonresident Computation of Fiduciary Income
Schedule 80/20 Instructions Related-Party Expenses
Schedule 1299-B Instructions River Edge Redevelopment Zone or Foreign Trade Zone (or sub-zone) Subtractions (for corporations and fiduciaries)
Schedule 1299-D Instructions Income Tax Credits (for corporations and fiduciaries)
​Schedule 1299-I
​Income Tax Credits Information and Worksheets
Schedule 4255 Instructions Recapture of Investment Tax Credits