Claim for Credit - Sales and Excise Taxes (for audited periods only)

EDA-98 Instr.Claim for Credit (audited periods only) (Sales and Related Taxes, Fees, and E911 Surcharge) (R-09/11)
EDA-98-E Instr. Claim for Credit (audited periods only) (Excise Taxes and Fees) (R-06/15)
EDA-98-U Instr. Claim for Credit (for Private Vehicle and Aircraft/Watercraft Use Tax ) (audited periods only) (N-06/11)
EDA-117  Multiple Location Schedule (attach to EDA-98) (R-06/11)
EDA-117-B  Multiple Location Schedule for E911 Surcharge (N-09/11)
EDA-117-E  Multiple Location Schedule (attach to EDA-98-E) (R-04/13)