Business Registration Forms

For information and forms related to registering an unemployment insurance tax account, visit the Illinois Department of Employment Security’s website at

REG-1  Illinois Business Registration Application
Sch. REG-1-A  Liquor Information
Sch. REG-1-C  Cigarette and Tobacco Products Information
Sch. REG-1-D  Electricity Tax Self-Assessing Purchaser
Sch. REG-1-G  Gas Use Tax Self-Assessing Purchaser
Sch. REG-1-L  Illinois Business Site Location Information
Sch. REG-1-MC  Medical Cannabis Cultivation Center and Dispensing Organization Information
​Sch. REG-1-MKP

​Marketplace Facilitator Information
Sch. REG-1-MR  Illinois Cigarette Manufacturer’s Representative Application
Sch. REG-1-O  Owner and Officer Information
Sch. REG-1-R  Responsible Party Information
Sch. REG-1-T  Telecommunications Tax Location Information
Sch. REG-UI-1  Report to Determine Liability Under the Unemployment Insurance Act (for additional information or forms related to unemployment insurance tax, visit
REG-3-C  Business Information Update
REG-3-D  Request for Signature
REG-4-A Instr. Financial Responsibility Bond
REG-4-D Instr. Financial Institution Irrevocable Letter of Credit Bond
REG-8-A Instr. Application for Motor Fuel Tax License
REG-8-O  Owner and Officer Information (Motor Fuel)
REG-8-R  Responsible Party Information (Motor Fuel)
RR-80  Agency Agreement
CBS-1  Instr.Notice of Sale, Purchase, or Transfer of Business Assets
STAX-1  Application for Sales Tax Exemption
​Sales Tax Exemption Business Information Update