2020 Withholding (Payroll) Tax Forms

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 Payment Coupon and Instructions
IL-941 InstructionsIllinois Withholding Income Tax Return
IL-941-X Instructions Amended Illinois Withholding Income Tax Return
Schedule P CSV Instructions
Illinois Withholding Payroll Schedule
​Schedule WC
​Withholding Income Tax Credits

​Schedule WC-I
​Withholding Income Tax Credits Information and Worksheets
Illinois Withholding Tax Tables Booklet - effective January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Statement by Person Receiving Gambling Winnings
IL-W-4  Employee's Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificate
IL-W-5  Certificate of Residence in Illinois
IL-W-5-NR  Employee's Statement of Nonresidence in Illinois

​Withholding Income Tax Payment and Return Due Dates