Reviewing the Annual Taxpayer Location Address List

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    How should you use this list?

    The Annual Taxpayer Location Address List is a tool you can use to ensure that the businesses from which you receive sales tax are, in fact, those from which you should receive tax.

    You may want to follow some of our recommendations on how to review this list and proceed with any resulting findings.

    • Examine the list by comparing it with local license records, utility records, or other sources at your disposal.
    • Obtain the Illinois Account ID number of businesses within your taxing jurisdiction from license applications or from other dealings with these businesses.
    • To ensure that the businesses are registered for your local government, keep a file of the Illinois Account ID numbers and compare your file with those appearing on the taxpayer list.

    When and how should you notify us of any discrepancies?

    You should notify us electronically in MyLocalTax, or in writing if any of the following applies:
    • A business selling tangible personal property at retail within your jurisdiction does not appear on your Annual Taxpayer Location Address List. Please provide the Illinois Account ID number, the name of the business, the physical address of the business where retail sales are being made, the name of the owner, the start date of the business, and the type of retail sales being made.
    • A business included on your list is not a business operating within your corporate limits. Please provide the proper taxing jurisdiction, if known.
    • The information on the list is incorrect.
    • You have any other questions concerning a business being registered for your taxing jurisdiction.

    How do you contact us?


    Phone: 217 785-6518
    Fax: 217 785-6527

    What information do you need to provide us?

    When notifying us of a business or businesses within your taxing jurisdiction that are liable for sales tax and are not on your list, please provide the following information:

    • name of the business,
    • name of the owner,
    • address of the business,
    • Illinois Account ID number or sales tax registration number,
    • start date of the business, and
    • type of retail sales being made.
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