Sales and Related Taxes - Disbursements


Taxes collected for Municipal Governments Use

HMRMunicipal Home Rule Sales TaxMTARTMunicipal Automobile Renting Tax
HRUTChicago Home Rule Use TaxNHMRNon-Home Rule Sales Tax
MTMunicipal Sales TaxPVHMPrivate Vehicle Municipal Home Rule Sales Tax
  SFDKChicago Home Rule Soft Drink Tax

Taxes collected for County Governments Use

CHMRCounty Home Rule Sales TaxCTCounty Sales Tax
CMFTCounty Motor Fuel TaxCTARTCounty Automobile Renting Tax
CSTCountywide Sales TaxCTPSSpecial County Retailers' Occupation Tax for Public Safety, Public Facilities, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, or Transportation 
PVHCPrivate Vehicle County Home Rule Sales Tax  

Taxes Collected for other taxing jurisdictions's Use

BDISTBusiness District TaxMEDMetro-East Transit District Sales Tax
CTFPCounty Flood ProtectionMEDFEMetro-East Mass Transit District Vehicle Fee
CTRTACounty Share of RTA Sales TaxMEPDMetro-East Park and Recreation District
CTSFCounty School FacilityRTARegional Transportation Authority Sales Tax
CWTDuPage Water Commission Sales TaxSTRTARegional Transportation Authority's Share of the State Sales Tax