Class 2, 3, and 4 Railroad Schedules

Required attachments to the Railroad Property Tax Return for Class 2, 3, and 4 Railroad Schedules:

  • Forms PTAX-501 through PTAX-513 (excludes PTAX-511)
  • Forms PTAX-520-A through PTAX-523
  • Forms PTAX-531 through PTAX-537 (two copies of each)
  • A copy of:
    • Your most recent annual report to stockholders for each railroad included in this return.
    • Any subsidiaries' most recent annual report to stockholders, if applicable.
    • Any leased lines' most recent annual report to stockholders, if applicable.
    • The most recent annual report of the parent corporation if stock is owned by another company.
PTAX-500 Instructions for Forms PTAX-501 through 513
PTAX-501 Illinois Railroad Property Tax Return
PTAX-502 Itemized Expense & Income Accounts
PTAX-503 Comparative Statement of Financial Position Assets, Liabilities, and Shareholders' Equity
PTAX-504 Market Value of Stock and Debt
PTAX-505 Short Term Indebtedness
PTAX-506 Non-operating Intangible Property
PTAX-507 Non-operating Tangible Property
PTAX-508 Non-capitalized Equipment Leases Only
PTAX-509 Theoretical Net Unmatured Debt of Leased Equipment
PTAX-510 Book Value of Transportation Properties
PTAX-512 Obsolescence Computation Data
PTAX-513 Allocation Factors
Name Description
PTAX-520 Instructions for Forms PTAX-520-A through 523
PTAX-520-A Results of Operations
PTAX-520-B Results of Operations
PTAX-521 Detailed Information for Joint Facilities and Depreciation Expenses
PTAX-522 Road and Equipment Property
PTAX-523 Railroad Operating Statistics



Note: Attach 2 copies of each form listed below

PTAX-530 Instructions for Forms PTAX-531 through 537
PTAX-531 Summary by Counties
PTAX-532 Location of Right of Way and Improvements
PTAX-533 Continuation of Location of Right of Way and Improvements
PTAX-534 Operating Property Off the Right of Way
PTAX-535 Recapitulation of State Assessed Property
PTAX-536 Non-carrier Real Estate
PTAX-537 Non-carrier Real Estate Improvements Owned by Lessee