Violation Descriptions

Income Tax or Withholding Tax Fraud

Fraudulent filing or non-filing of state corporate income, personal income, or employer withholding tax returns.

Sales & Use Tax Fraud

Fraudulent filing, non-filing, or other tax violations committed by persons engaged in retail sales.

Cigarette Tax Violations

These violations include the illegal sale of unstamped cigarettes, smuggling or hijacking cigarettes, counterfeiting tax stamps, or other attempts to circumvent the state cigarette tax.

Note: If you bought or acquired cigarettes from another state or country for use in Illinois, you also owe Cigarette Use Tax and must complete Form RC-44. For your convenience, Illinois (sales) Use Tax, which is also due on the purchase of cigarettes, can be paid together with Cigarette Use Tax on Form RC-44.

Motor Fuel

This includes intentional circumvention of state motor fuel tax laws by persons in the trucking industry or by motor fuel distributors. See more...