Is there other general information I should know about the municipal Non-Home Rule Sales Tax?

  • Interest is paid on non-home rule municipal sales taxes. Collections are deposited into the non-home rule fund and the money is promptly invested by the Office of the State Treasurer. Interest income earned during each month is reported to us for monthly distribution. This interest amount will be included in the disbursement the municipality receives each month.
  • Non-home rule municipal sales tax will be disbursed separately from other taxes administered by IDOR. You will receive your non-home rule municipal sales tax disbursement in the same manner that you have chosen to receive your municipal sales tax disbursement.
  • Taxpayers are allowed to take a discount for timely filing and payment of these taxes.
  • An administration fee is retained by the state treasurer to cover the costs we incur administering the taxes.
  • Any allowable discount or fee that is taken is reflected in the local government distributions.

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