What is the difference between a certificate of registration, resale certificate, and tax-exempt number?

A certificate of registration, or business authorization, allows you to do business in the State of Illinois as a retailer, a reseller, or a provider of services or goods that makes you responsible for excise taxes. It identifies the taxes for which you are responsible and provides your Illinois account ID or license number.

A resale certificate is a statement signed by the purchaser that indicates the merchandise purchased is for resale purposes, and therefore no tax is due. A completed and signed Form CRT-61, Certificate of Resale, is a valid resale certificate. Other forms or statements may be used, but only if they contain the same information as Form CRT-61.

A tax-exempt number is a number assigned to qualifying non-profit organizations that they can present which allows them to purchase items tax-free. This number begins with the letter “E” and is followed by nine digits.

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