How do I renew my Certificate of Registration or License?

The Certificate of Registration issued for Sales and Use Taxes and Fees, Use Taxes, Motor Vehicle Renting Tax, and Hotel Operators' Tax will be renewed automatically as long as you are complying with all filing and payment requirements.

Certificate or License registrations that are not renewed automatically (Bingo accounts, Pull-Tab accounts, Charitable Games accounts, Dry-Cleaning Solvent Tax, Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer, Other Tobacco Products Retailer, Sales Tax as a Reseller only, Electricity Excise Tax - Self-Assessing Purchaser, Cigarette Tax - Distributor, Cigarette Use Tax - Distributor, Cigarette Secondary Distributor, Cigarette Tax - Manufacturer, Cigarette Manufacturer's Representative, and Tobacco Products Tax) will receive a renewal notification prior to the expiration date.

If your registration is renewed automatically or you submit your renewal application in a timely manner, your Certificate of Registration or License will be mailed to you no more than 60 days prior to the date for which your certificate expires.

Note: Licenses for Telecommunications accounts, Gas accounts, Electricity Excise Tax, and Electricity Reseller do not expire.

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