What education expenses do not qualify for the K-12 Education Expense Credit on the IL-1040?

Expenses that do not qualify for the K-12 Education Expense Credit include expenses paid

  • for students to attend daycare, preschools, colleges, universities, independent tutoring services, and trade schools;
  • for students to attend kindergarten programs run by daycare or early childhood learning centers;
  • for students who turned 21 years old before completing the school year;
  • for before and after school child care;
  • for the purchase of supplies, books, or equipment that are not significantly used up during the school year; 
  • for the use of supplies, equipment, materials, or instruments if the program does not result in a credit towards completion of the school’s education program;
  • for items that are not required as part of the school’s education program (e.g., lunch fees, yearbooks, athletic passes, etc.);
  • directly to a business (e.g., renting a musical instrument from a music store);
  • for summer school enrichment classes; or
  • for yourself or your spouse.

 For more information on the K-12 Education Expense Credit, please see   Publication132, Education Expense Credit General Rules and Requirements for Parents and Guardians.

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