What is pass-through withholding?

​Pass-through withholding is the amount required to be reported and paid by the pass-through entity on behalf of its nonresident partners, shareholders, and beneficiaries 

  • who have not submitted Form IL-1000-E, Certificate of Exemption for Pass-through Withholding, to the pass-through entity, and
  • who receive business and nonbusiness income allocable to Illinois from the pass-through entity.
Pass-through withholding is
  • reported to your members on the Schedule K-1-P or K-1-T you send to them, 
  • reported to the Department on your Form IL-1120-ST or Form IL-1065 and Illinois Schedule B, or Form IL-1041 and Schedule D, and
  • paid with the voucher for your return type (IL-1065-V, IL-1120-ST-V or IL-1041-V).

If any of your members are pass-through entities themselves, they are required to report and pay pass-through withholding on behalf of their own nonresident partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries on the income you passed through to them. Your members may claim a credit on their Illinois Income Tax return for pass-through withholding you reported and paid on their behalf.

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