If I used a software program or provider to file my sales tax return, why did I receive a Taxpayer Notification from the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) stating that I did not sign my return? What should I do?

You received a Taxpayer Notification because when your return was electronically filed through software or a third party provider, the return transmitted with an incorrect or missing signature code. All tax returns must be signed to certify to IDOR that they are filed using true and accurate information. For sales tax returns filed through software, a signature is registered to your account with a signature code you or your software vendor provided to us on Form IL-8633-B . Your electronically submitted return must contain your account's exact signature code for the return to be considered signed and filed.

Within 30 days of the date on the letter, you must sign and return the letter to the address shown.  If you fail to respond within this time limit you may receive a late-filing penalty because your return cannot be processed. This penalty is in addition to any late-filing penalty you may receive if you filed your return after the due date.  For more information on penalties, please see Publication 103.

You will need to ensure that you correct your signature code to prevent future no signature notifications and possible future nonfiling penalties. For assistance with correcting the signature code for your future electronic return submissions, contact your third party software provider or see Form IL-8633-B.

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