​Why do I need to use two-step verification and a security code to sign into my MyTax Illinois account?

The security code is a security enhancement to help protect your account. When you first set up two-step verification, you can choose to receive this code by email to an address you provide or by using an authenticator app. A new code will be provided to you by the method you select each time you log in to MyTax Illinois.

This two-step verification ensures that only one user will have access to a username and password. If you have multiple users in your organization who need to log in to MyTax Illinois, please see "What can I do to manage access to MyTax Illinois if my organization has multiple users who need to log in?". If you are a tax professional who uses MyTax Illinois to access your client accounts, please see "What is third-party access in MyTax Illinois? ".

If you would like to set up a secondary method, such as a second email address, to verify your MyTax account, you can do so under "Manage My Profile" once you have logged in to your account.

If you did not receive your security code:

If you requested your code by email, check your Spam and Junk folders. You may also need to check with your IT department to ensure you are able to receive emails from Rev.DoNotReply@illinois.gov.

If you can no longer use the method you have set up for receiving your security code, please contact us at Rev.MyTaxHelp@illinois.gov or call Taxpayer Assistance at 1 800 732-8866 and select the appropriate tax type from the menu.


Illinois IFTA filers using MyTax Illinois should see "How do I obtain an IFTA account using MyTax Illinois?"

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