Part 110 - Property Tax Code

Section Name
110 Table of Contents
110.101 Railroads
110.105 Non-carrier Real Estate of Railroads
110.110 Procedures for Assessment of Pollution Control Facilities and Low Sulphur Dioxide Emission Coal Fueled Devices
110.112 Procedures for Assessment of Section 515 Low-Income Housing Rights
110.113 Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze
110.115 Non-Homestead Exemption Proceedings
110.116 Charitable Exemption Eligibility: Low Income Housing Projects
110.120 Oil Right Lessees and Producers
110.125 Reports to be Filed with the Department
110.130 Hearings and Records of Chief County Assessment Officers
110.135 Review of Assessments - Counties of 3,000,000 or More
110.140 Board of Review Procedures and Records - Counties of less than 3,000,000
110.141 Farmland Factor Review Procedures (Repealed)
110.145 Practice and Procedure for Hearings on Property Tax Matters Before the Illinois Department of Revenue
110.150 Records Reproduction
110.155 Course and Examination Requirements for Board of Review Members
110.155 Illust.A Section 110.155 Illustration A
110.160 Multi-township Assessment Districts
110.162 Township and Multi-township Assessor Qualifications
110.165 Farmland Assessment Review Procedures
110.170 Assessors' Bonus
110.175 Equalization by Chief County Assessment Officers in Counties with Fewer Than 3,000,000 Inhabitants
110.180 Supervisor of Assessments Examination
110.190 Property Tax Extension Limitation
110.192 Property Tax Extension Limitation Law Notification and Determination Requirements...