Part 1201 - Freedom of Information

1201 Table of Contents
1201.100 Summary and Purpose
1201.110 Definitions
1201.200 Records that Will Be Disclosed
1201.210 Records that Will Be Withheld from Disclosure
1201.220 Statutory Exemptions
1201.300 Submittal of Requests for Records
1201.310 Information To Be Provided in Requests for Records
1201.320 Requests for Records for Commercial Purposes
1201.400 Timeline for Agency Response
1201.410 Requests for Records that the Agency Considers Unduly Burdensome
1201.420 Recurrent Requesters
1201.430 Requests for Records that Require Electronic Retrieval
1201.440 Denials of Requests for Records
1201.450 Requests for Review of Denials-Public Access Counselor
1201.460 Circuit Court Review
1201.470 Administrative Review
1201.510 Fees for Records
1201.520 Reduction and Waiver of Fees
1201. A Fee Schedule for Duplication and Certification of Records