Part 420 - Alcoholic Liquor Act

Section Name
420 Table of Contents
420.1 Purpose
420.5 Definitions
420.10 Gallonage Taxes
420.20 Claims to Recover Erroneously Paid Tax
420.30 Shipments of Alcoholic Liquors Out of Illinois
420.40 Non-Beverage Alcoholic Preparations and Compounds
420.50 Non-Beverage Users of Alcoholic Liquors
420.60 Act Does Not Apply
420.70 Tax Provisions of Act Do Not Apply
420.80 Monthly Return
420.90 Books and Records
420.100 Carriers
420.110 Sales to Governmental Bodies
420.120 Warehousing of Liquors
420.130 Non-Beverage User's Books and Records
420.140 Tax-Free Sales of Alcoholic Liquor for use Aboard Ships Operating in Foreign Commerce Outside the Continental Limits of the U.S.
​Criminal Investigations