Part 500 - Motor Fuel Tax

Section Name
500 Table of Contents
500.100 Definitions
500.101 Definition of Receiver (Repealed)
500.102 Definition of Loss (Repealed)
500.200 Basis and Rate of the Motor Fuel Tax
500.201 Licensure
500.202 Basis and Rate of Tax Payable by Receivers
500.203 Monthly Returns
500.204 Report of Loss of Motor Fuel
500.205 Daily Gallonage Record
500.206 Special Fuel Sold or Used for Non-highway Purposes
500.210 Documentation of Tax-free Sales of Motor Fuel Made by Licensed Distributors and Suppliers
500.215 Documentation of Tax-free Sales of Fuel Made by Licensed Receivers
500.220 Vehicles of Distributors Transporting Petroleum Products (Repealed)
500.225 Other Vehicles (Repealed)
500.230 Motor Fuel Consumed by Distributors, Special Fuel Consumed by Suppliers and Fuel Consumed by Receivers
500.235 Claims for Refund - Invoices
500.240 Sales of Special Fuel - Variation in Usage
500.245 Estimated Claims
500.250 Claimants Owning Motor Vehicles (Repealed)
500.255 Detailed Answers
500.260 Revocation of License, Etc. - Notice - Hearing
500.265 Distributors' and Suppliers' Claims for Credit or Refund
500.270 Receivers' Claims for Credit
500.275 Procedure When Tax-Paid Motor fuel is Returned to Licensee for Credit
500.280 Sales of Motor Fuel to Municipal Corporations Owning and Operating Local Transportation Systems
500.285 Sales of Motor Fuel to Certain Privately-Owned Public Utilities Owning and Operating Transportation Systems in Metropolitan Areas
500.290 When Purchaser's License Number With Department on Invoices Covering Sales of Special Fuel is Required (Repealed)
500.295 Cost of Collection - Determination (Repealed)
500.297 Protest Procedures for Certain Penalties
500.298 Civil Penalties for Dyed Diesel Fuel Violations
500.300 Licensure
500.301 Special Motor Fuel Permits and Decals (Repealed)
500.302 Motor Carrier's Quarterly Report (Repealed)
500.305 Licenses and Decals
500.310 Display of License and Decals
500.315 Renewal of Decals and Licenses
500.320 Single Trip Permits
500.325 Licensure of Lessors and Lessees
500.330 Cancelation of License
500.335 Quarterly Payment and Reporting
500.340 Credits and Refunds
500.345 Records Requirements
500.350 Revocation
500.355 Protest Procedures
500.360 Audits
500.400 General Information
500.405 Due Date That Falls on Saturday, Sunday or a Holiday
500.500 Licenses and Permits Are Not Transferable
500.501 Blenders' Permits Are Not Transferable (Repealed)
500.505 Changes of Corporate Officers
500.600 Incorporation of the Retailers' Occupation Tax Regulations by Reference