Part 510 - Public Utilities Revenue Act

Section Name
510 Table of Contents
510.101 Definitions
510.105 Disposition of Tax Monies
510.110 Imposition of Tax
510.115 Effective Period of Act (Repealed)
510.120 Returns
510.125 Gross Amount of Transactions or Billings Basis of Tax
510.130 Certificate of Registration
510.131 Enterprise Zone Exemption
510.135 Books and Records
510.140 Claims to Recover Erroneously Paid Tax
510.145 Furnishing of Electricity
510.150 Electricity Sold to and by Building Operators
510.155 Transactions in Interstate Commerce
510.160 Sales of Electricity to the United States Government
510.165 Services Furnished The State of Illinois, its Departments, Agencies, Counties, Municipalities or Other Political Political Subdivisions
510.170 Services Furnished to Religious, Scientific, Educational and Charitable Institutions
510.175 Meter Readings
510.180 Services Furnished to Officers or Employees
510.185 Interdepartmental Transfers
510.190 Discounts, Penalties and Finance or Interest Charges
510.195 Sales of Appliances, Equipment or Services Subject to Other Tax Acts