Certified Service Providers-Certified Automated Systems Information

Public Acts 101-31 and 101-604 amended the Retailers' Occupation Tax to implement a series of structural changes to the Illinois sales tax laws to require "remote retailers" to collect and remit State and local retailers' occupation taxes. This legislation authorizes remote retailers to contract with Certified Service Providers (CSPs) to perform their tax remittance functions. Remote retailers may also use Certified Automated Systems (CASs) to calculate and remit their own taxes. 

​If you are interested in becoming a Certified Service Provider (CSP) or Certifying an Automated System (CAS) with the Illinois Department of Revenue, please request an application by sending an email to: Rev.CSPCAS@illinois.gov

For more information on the CSP/CAS process, see the links below.

Appendix A - Certification Process for Certified Service Providers and Certified Automated Systems

Appendix C - Criteria for CSP / CAS Evaluation

Appendix E - Overview of the Application, Review, Testing, and Approval Steps for Illinois Certification of Certified Service Providers (CSP) or Certified Automated Systems (CAS)

Appendix G - Illinois Department of Revenue Certification Standards for Certified Service Providers (CSP) or Certified Automated Systems (CAS)

Resource Page for the "Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Act"

List of approved CSPs/CASs - (check back for updates)

NOTE: All CSPs or CASs must file electronically by participating in and using IDOR's Electronic Filing Program. For more information on IDOR's Electronic Filing Program, visit: https://www2.illinois.gov/rev/taxprofessionals/electronicfiling/Pages/sales.aspx