Metro-East Park and Recreation District Tax

Statutory Reference


The Metro-East Park and Recreation District tax of 0.10% is imposed on sales of general merchandise within the district’s boundaries. The tax is imposed on the same general merchandise base as the state sales tax, excluding titled or registered tangible personal property (such as vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, trailers, and mobile homes), and qualifying food, drugs and medical appliances.

Form/Filing & Payment Requirements

Affected retailers and servicepersons report the tax on Form ST-1, Sales and Use Tax and E911 Surcharge Return. If imposed, the preprinted rate on Form ST-1 will include this tax. The due date is the same as provided for in the Retailers’ Occupation Tax Act, the Service Occupation Tax Act, and the Use Tax Act. For more information, see “ Sales & Use Taxes."

FY 2004-23 - Vehicle dealers located in the Metro-East Mass Transit District (MED) portion of St. Clair County


Frequently Asked Questions about the Metro-East Park and Recreation District Tax