Modernized e-File Live List

The following Illinois and federal forms and schedules are available for BIT E-File:
Form IL-1120 Form IL-1065 Form 1120-ST Form IL-1041
IL-1120 IL-1065 IL-1120-ST IL-1041
IL-477 Sch B Sch B Sch D
IL-2220 IL-477 IL-477 IL-477
IL-4562 IL-4562 IL-4562 IL-4562
Sch INL Sch F Sch F IL-4644
Sch INS Sch K-1-P Sch K-1-P Sch CR
Sch J Sch K-1-T Sch K-1-T Sch I
Sch K-1-P Sch M Sch M Sch K-1-P
Sch K-1-T Sch NB Sch NB Sch K-1-T
Sch M Sch NLD Sch NLD Sch M
Sch NB Sch 80/20 Sch 80/20 Sch NLD
Sch NLD Sch 1299-A Sch 1299-A Sch NR
Sch UB Sch 4255 Sch 4255 Sch 80/20
Sch UB/INS Financial Financial Sch 1299-B
Sch UB/NLD Fed W-2G Fed W-2G Sch 1299-D
Sch 80/20 Fed 1065 (P 1-5)   Fed 1120S (P 1-4) Sch 4255
Sch 1299-B Fed1065-B (P 1-5) Fed M-3-S Financial
Sch 1299-D Fed M-3
Fed 8886 Fed W-2
Sch 4255 Fed 8886
Fed W-2G
Subgroup Schedule   Fed 1041 (P 1-2)
Financial    Fed M-3
​Fed W-2G​Fed 8886
Fed 1120 (P 1-5)
Fed M-3
​Fed 8866

Note:  PDF file formats cannot be attached to your BIT e-File.