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Agriculture General  
  Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program  
  Commercial Feed Act  
  Fertilizer Act  
  Fertilizer Act/soil amendments  
  IL Pesticide Act  
  Pest and Plant Disease Act  
  Livestock Management Facility Public Informational Meetings  
Children and Family Services Appeal of Child Abuse and Neglect Investigation Findings Hearings and Appeals 
  Service Appeals  
  Appeal of Foster Family Home License Denials by Relative Caregivers  
  Childcare Facility Licensing Enforcement  
  Appeal of License Denial Based on Background Check  
  Licensing of Direct Child Welfare Service Employees and Supervisors  
Civil Service Commission General Appeals
Commerce Commission General Chief Clerk's Office Highlighted Cases
Commerce and Economic Opportunity General  
Criminal Justice Information Authority General  
Educational Labor Relations Board General Frequently Asked Questions Decisions
Emergency Management Agency General  
Employment Security Unemployment Benefits Preparing for Your Appeals Hearing 
  Employer Tax  
Financial and Professional Regulation Professional Licensure General Hearings Rules Frequently Asked Questions 
  Banks and Real Estate  
Gaming Board Riverboat Gambling  
  Video Gaming  
Health Facilities and Services Review Board  Rules, Statutes and Notices HFSRB Court Rulings
Healthcare and Family Services Child Support Overview of the Administrative Appeal Process 
Human Rights Commission General Act / Rules & Forms Human Rights Commission Decisions
   Frequently Asked Questions 
Human Services Public Assistance Appeals  
  Division of Rehabilitation Services  
  Licensing, Mental Health, Grants, and Other Contested Cases  
Independent Tax Tribunal General Forms Decisions/Rulings
Insurance General Hearings  
  Pension Noncompliance Hearing to Show Good and Sufficient Cause  
  Licensing of Public Adjusters  
Labor General Frequently Asked Questions Hearings
  File A Complaint  
  Personnel Records Review Act PRRA Complaint Instructions 
   PRRA Complaint Form 
  Right to Privacy in the Workplace Act Right To Privacy In The Workplace Complaint Form  
 Worker Rights
(Minimum wage, Wage Payment and Collection Act, Meals and Breaks, Deductions from Pay, Holiday Pay, Vacation, Employer Misclassification of Workers, Electronic Payroll Debit/Credit Cards for Payment of Wages)
Worker Rights File A Complaint 
Labor Relations Board General Frequent Questions Recent Decisions
Liquor Control Commission General Board Meetings and Hearings 
Lottery General  
Natural Resources General  
Public Health General  
Racing Board General Rulings Board Orders
Revenue General What is an administrative hearing? Laws / Regulations / Rulings
State Board of Education General Due Process Due Process
State Fire Marshall Boiler and Pressure Vessel Matters  
  Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing  
  Fire Protection Appeals and Enforcement Proceedings  
  Pyrotechnics Licensing and Use  
  Fire Equiptment matters  
  Furniture Fire Safety  
  Elevator Safety  
State Police General ISP Home Page 
  Concealed Carry  
  9-1-1 Consolidations The Office of the Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator Statewide 9-1-1 Completed Plans / Waivers
Toll Highway Authority Suspension of Contractor or Subcontractors  
  School Bus Testing Rates  
  Commerical Vehicle Safety Section Hearings  
  Motor Carrier Safety  
  Hazardous Materials Transportation  
Workers Compensation Commission General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) CASE DOCKET---ICDW