Work of the Pilot

Rules Subcommittee

Rules Subcommittee headed by IDFPR General Counsel Sadzi Oliva and comprised of ALJs from more than 6 State agencies, started by gathering all of the various regulations that govern administrative hearings in Illinois. From there, subcommittee members compared and contrasted existing rules by subject area. This analysis enabled drafters to identify best practices as well as those rules that perpetuate inefficiencies. The subcommittee’s work coincides with the work of another administration initiative – the regulatory reform project. To learn more about this companion project, follow this link: Regulatory Reform.

Taking the analytical work of the Rule Subcommittee, a group of drafters created a set of model rules that while preserving due process, would streamline hearings, provide for more prompt resolution of matters, and allow for technological advances in the hearing process.

IT Subcommittee

Like the Rules Subcommittee is comprised of staff from numerous agencies, including both ALJs and IT staff. Led by DHS General Counsel CoreyAnne Gulkewicz, the IT subcommittee looked first at existing case management systems and other electronic processes. It became clear rather quickly that most State agencies did not have the technology resources to bring the hearings process into the 21st century. Technological solutions can make hearings more accessible to the citizenry, limit costs associated with bringing and processing cases, and ensure that records are adequately maintained.

The IT subcommittee drafted business needs to help the Bureau analyze the adequacy of existing systems and to determine whether the State would need to procure additional resources to meet the technology needs of the State’s many administrative hearings units. Building off the good work of the IT subcommittee, the Bureau continues to gauge how best to provide a technological solution to meet the wide and varied needs of the State.

Professional Development Subcommittee

The work of the Professional Development Subcommittee is focused on providing professional resources to State ALJs to help them develop and maintain the skills necessary to perform their functions in a highly competent, professional, and independent manner. With the able leadership of IDFPR Associate General Counsel Katy Straub, the committee gathered and analyzed standardized codes of conduct before settling on a draft that would best meet the State’s needs. The committee continues to work toward creation of a uniform orientation for new ALJs, developing a bench book for all ALJs, and gathering input from current ALJs about what training needs exist and can be addressed by the Bureau.

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