Department of Labor

The mission of the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) is to promote and protect the rights, wages, welfare, working conditions, safety and health of Illinois workers through enforcement of state labor laws, to safeguard the public through regulation of amusement rides and to ensure compliance with all other labor standards. IDOL is responsible for the administration and enforcement of more than 20 labor and safety laws.

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Receiving nearly 8,000 hearing requests per year and holding nearly 2,000 hearings, the IDOL is one of the State’s higher volume agencies for administrative law judges (ALJ). IDOL ALJs hear cases involving various workplace matters, including wage payments, prevailing wage claims, allegations of violations of child labor laws, and appropriate classification of employees.

Much of IDOL’s work is generated by complaints filed by Illinois workers. Complaint forms are available for the public at

Despite the effort of its hardworking staff, litigants were often waiting nearly 2 years for a hearing. Since October 3, 2016, IDOL has been making strides at decreasing its backlog, as ALJs from the Department of Revenue and the Department of Public Health have been hearing more than 85 additional cases per month. Due to this collaboration, litigants are receiving hearings and decisions months before they would have otherwise. At the same time the hearing process is getting faster, litigants are not experiencing any decline in service, as IDOL ALJs actively advise and support their peers at IDOR and IDPH.

Additional IDOL rules and regulations related to its administrative hearing process are at