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Statewide Grant Management System

The State of Illinois is developing a new statewide lifecycle grant management system building on the GATA frameworks currently in place. This new system will provide a common internet-accessible platform for all grant activity. The grant management system will improve the grant user experience by adding automation to the standard processes and templates implemented under GATA. It will use data already populated in the GATA Portal to prefill online templates and minimize duplicate entries by applicants, grantees and state agencies. All grant administration will occur within the new grant management system. This will enhance grant oversight and give Illinois more comprehensive information about the use of grant funds.

Grantees and state agencies will continue to use existing GATA systems. Grantees will connect to the grant management system through the Grantee Portal. State agencies will continue to use the GATA Implementation Intranet Site. The Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) will remain the source of funding opportunities (NOFOs). Entities will link to a standard electronic grant application process to make it easier for entities to request financial assistance. State agencies will use the new grant management system to review applications and create grant agreements. System generated notices to state agency staff, applicants and grantees will automate the delivery of communications.

Illinois knows it is successful when our grantees are successful. Following GATA practices, more than 130 representatives from state agencies and the grantee community are engaged in planning and configuration efforts related to implementing Phase 1 of the new grant management system. These representatives serve on subcommittees where approximately 30% of the members represent the grantee community. The subcommittees will recommend standard, statewide business processes using current, uniform GATA templates and frameworks. The new system will use these standard business processes.

  • An Information Technology (IT) subcommittee provides the overarching technology direction for the new system, including how it will integrate with other systems.
  • Four additional subcommittees are focused on grant applications, budgets, merit-based review of competitive grant applications, and grant agreements.
  • The Grant Management System Steering Committee is made up of the co-chairs of the five subcommittees to make final decisions based on the recommendations from the subcommittees.

Phase 2 of the project will include post-award functionality. Committees and workgroups will be identified to support these efforts with continued state agency and grantee involvement.

As work progresses under the grant management system project, additional updates will be provided.

Recognition of GATA

The Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act is the first, and currently only, state legislation in the nation to require the adoption and implementation of a comprehensive set of standards that mandate accountability and transparency throughout the entire life cycle of a grant.
  • The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is recognizing Illinois' approach to grants management as a best and leading practice.
  • The National Council of Nonprofits believes that the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act should be a model for the nation.
  • The national Council of Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) is engaging with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU) regarding state level interpretation of Uniform Guidance and Illinois' approach for state-wide centralized standardized implementation.
  • Florida, New York, North Carolina, and South Carolina have reached out to Illinois for guidance in passing and implementing similar legislation.
  • Canada has discussed Illinois’ grant reform model and accountability as a model of best practices.
  • The Illinois Central Repository Vault (CRV) has received national recognition and served as a model for the State of New York.



GATA Admin Rules

We have completed:

  • Establish consistent requirements for Federal, Federal pass-through and State funded grants
  • Codified in the 10/19/18 Illinois Register Volume 42 as 44 Illinois Administrative Code 7000
  • GATA Administratives Rules