Born, Built, Grown: Illinois Learning Resources from the Governor’s Mansion was inspired by the desire to support educators across Illinois as they strive to teach their students about our state through the lens of the Governor’s Mansion and influential past governors of Illinois. This booklet was a collaborative project with contributions by the Illinois Governor’s Mansion Association, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois State University and the Curator of the Governor’s Mansion.

This collection of learning resources provides Illinois’ teachers with a variety of activity ideas that correspond to the exhibits and individuals highlighted in the Governor’s Mansion. This compilation is intended to inspire educators and be an idea- starter for ways to enhance the content within the classroom.

Activity ideas are categorized based not only on the individual(s) they target but also based on the grade levels best suited for each of the ideas. For each idea included, a connection to the various Illinois Learning Standards has been provided. A complete list of the standards targeted throughout the collection is located at the back of the booklet. Please note, the specific standards addressed from an activity may change depending upon the nuances you adapt to make the activity your own. The ideas and activities included are intended to provide entry points to deeper investigations that fully address the Illinois Learning Standards.

Consider the variety of ways these activities can be incorporated into the classroom. Many of these activities can be used prior to a visit to the Governor’s Mansion to create background knowledge about the exhibits students will see. Additionally, many activities can be utilized as follow-up activities to enhance what students experienced during their Mansion tour.

Not able to physically make it to the Governor’s Mansion? Keep in mind these activities can be used in conjunction with a virtual visit or in combination with other units within the classroom to ground investigations in the past and present at the Governor’s Mansion. Use this booklet as a launching point to think outside the box and allow students to further investigate the rich variety of topics connected to the Illinois Governor’s Mansion!