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Governor's Mansion Tour Policy 

Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Governor’s Mansion. The People’s House has both a revitalized look and mission. The Governor’s Mansion is a historic landmark that serves as an official residence of the First Family. Visitors will enjoy the elegance of our refurbished and recently renovated Mansion, and experience Illinois history and art.

Governor JB and First Lady MK Pritzker welcome you.

Tour Overview

Our visitor experience is led by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Tours will be led by professionally trained staff and volunteers, whom we call “interpreters,” to ensure every guest of the Mansion receives a personalized and informative experience. Please be aware that self-guided tours are not permitted.

Reservations are required for all individuals and groups touring the Mansion. Names of all individuals touring are required at the time of your reservation. Tours are free of charge.

All tours begin at the Jackson Street gate, which is located on the north side of the Mansion between 4th and 5th Streets. This entrance is ADA accessible.

Guests should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their scheduled tour time. Guests will be greeted at the Jackson Street gate by one of our interpreters. All visitors over the age of 18 must bring a government-issued photo ID or passport to gain entry to the Mansion grounds.

Tour length is approximately one hour and may vary depending on age and size of group.

Guests will be required to walk through a magnetometer upon entering the Mansion.

Booking Tours

Please note: The Governor's Mansion is currently closed to tours, and we are unable to accommodate your request for reservations at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we look forward to your visit when the Mansion reopens.

All tours must be booked through the Governor’s Mansion tour reservation website.

Individuals and groups of nine or fewer people must book tours at least 48 hours in advance. Groups greater than 10 people must book tours at least one week in advance.

Group sizes are limited to 50 people per time slot. Groups greater than 50 people must divide into smaller subgroups and book at separate times.

School groups must also reserve tours through the Governor’s Mansion website, and must divide into small subgroups for groups greater than 50. School groups must be accompanied by a chaperone.

For any changes or cancellations to your reservation, please notify the Illinois Governor’s Mansion
by calling (217) 782-6450 or sending an e-mail to in advance of your scheduled tour time.



Thanks to our recent renovation, the Governor’s Mansion is proud to be fully compliant with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). Please inform staff if your group needs any special assistance or accommodations.

Wheelchairs and walkers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

American Sign Language interpretation can be arranged by the Mansion for any guided tour.  Please call the Mansion at 217-782-6450 or send an e-mail to us two weeks in advance of your visit.


All visitors over the age of 18 must bring a government- or school-issued, valid photo ID or passport to gain entry to the Mansion grounds.

Upon entry, all guests must go through magnetometers for security screening.

Please inform the House Manager if your group needs any special assistance or accommodations surrounding these requirements.

Bus Unloading/Loading and Parking

Buses can unload guests on the west corner of Fifth Street and Jackson Street. Buses are not permitted to park at this unloading and loading location. Buses should unload guests, park at the visitor center lot described below, and return in one hour to load guests. Bus parking is available at a visitors center located across the street from the Illinois State Capitol at 425 .S. College St. (Cross Street: Edwards).

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Photo Policy

Flash photography is not allowed in the Governor’s Mansion. Non-flash photography and videotaping is allowed in designated spaces during tours, which will be announced by your interpreter. The use of selfie sticks is prohibited.

Bag Policy

isitors to the Governor’s Mansion for guided tours may not bring large personal bags or backpacks onto the Mansion grounds. Mansion grounds do not have lockers or storage facilities on site. Small bags will be allowed and are subject to search by members of security. Visitors with an unauthorized bag will be advised to return the item to store it offsite. 

2019 Governor's Mansion Tour Policy.pdf