Resist-painted bottle<img alt="Resist painted bottle" src="/sites/GovernorsMansion/Exhibitions/PublishingImages/Art-of-Illinois/Resist-painted-bottle.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Resist-painted bottle<div class="ExternalClassAD4E4A62008F49A6B9F6467F8F21C205"><p>​These examples of Mississippian culture pottery were excavated from the pre-Columbian Native American Emmons site in Fulton County, Illinois. The location, on the edge of a bluff bordering the Illinois River, was used as a cemetery; several unique and rare items were found interred with the burials. At the time of its discovery, the land was owned by Merrill Emmons of Astoria, Illinois, who undertook extensive excavations of the site in the 1950s, before Illinois law protected prehistoric cemeteries. His family donated these pieces to the Illinois State Museum in 1993.</p></div>GP0|#b9e13e66-52ab-40a6-841c-b0d7a85e25a4;L0|#0b9e13e66-52ab-40a6-841c-b0d7a85e25a4|Middle Mississippian Pottery;GTSet|#6a9f5109-021d-478a-ae73-864102492159;GPP|#b8008031-8d86-41bf-8c8c-657f66f046d4;GPP|#be65f490-4890-487c-bb16-c396d99511f7Other;#TemporaryEarthenware;#Pottery;#Earthenware, 6 × 7¼ inches