Flood Insurance

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Flood Insurance

Flooding is the most frequent and costly disaster in the U.S. with average flood insurance claim payments that can surpass $100,000 depending on the disaster. Floods can happen anywhere, at any time, and many homeowners and renters experience devastating flooding events, even though they don't live near a river, coastline or major waterway. You should consider buying flood insurance to help protect property and personal belongings in the event of a flood. 

You can purchase flood insurance coverage through:

The Illinois Department of Insurance does not regulate flood insurance purchased through the NFIP, which is managed by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency).  However, we recommend that consumers first check their eligibility for NFIP coverage because even if you do not live in a floodplain, you may still be able to purchase a preferred risk policy through NFIP.
If your community is not eligible for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), then consider purchasing private flood insurance. Private flood insurance can help fill the gap for those without flood insurance NFIP coverage and offer higher amounts of coverage.

Flood insurance facts to remember:
  • Flood insurance is a type of property insurance that can cover losses for damage to your property and its contents during a flood event.
  • Flood insurance is NOT typically included in most homeowners and renters insurance policies and must be purchased as an additional policy.
  • Flood insurance can be purchased through a licensed agent or insurer.
  • Flood insurance typically goes into effect 30 days after your purchase.
  • A community's NFIP "status" means a community either participates in the NFIP, does not participate or is suspended from the program. Find out if you're in a participating community. 
  • Any homeowner or renter in a NFIP participating community can purchase flood insurance. You do NOT need to live or own a structure "in a floodplain."
  • If you're not in a NFIP participating community, consider buying private flood insurance policy.
  • Private flood insurance may offer a broader range/higher amounts of coverage than the NFIP.
  • Private flood insurance has no guarantee of renewal.
  • Always keep flood insurance information, including a home inventory list, in a safe place.
  • You can download home inventory apps to:
    • create a record of your possessions
    • store photos of your property and personal belongings
    • keep track of receipts
Tips for the flood insurance claims process:
  • Take photos of any property damage for your insurance claim.
  • Contact your agent to file a claim as soon as possible because most insurance companies require timely reporting of damages.
  • If you have NFIP flood insurance coverage, you can find NFIP flood insurance claim forms here.
  • Contact the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI) if you have questions or complaints about a flood insurance claim.  IDOI insurance analysts are available to answer consumers' questions.
  • To find an agent, visit FloodSmart | Flood Insurance Provider View