Moving to or from Illinois

Moving to Illinois
If you are applying for an Illinois resident producer license and are licensed in another state, you may be exempt from certain Illinois examination and educational requirements.

An individual who applies for an insurance producer license in this state who is licensed for the same lines of authority in another state shall not be required to complete any pre-licensing education or examination.  This exemption is only available if the person is currently licensed in that state or if the new application is received within 90 days following the cancellation of the applicant’s previous license. 

The Department will verify licensure in the previous state using the producer database. If you have not held a license during the past 12 months, you must take Part 1 & 2 of the Illinois Insurance exam.  You will also be required to successfully complete a pre-licensing course for each line of authority for which you want be licensed. 

You must apply by paper application – Resident Uniform Application Examination Handbook & Supplement 

Moving from Illinois
You must obtain your new resident producer license in your home state within 30-days of leaving Illinois.  Please contact the Department and let us know that you have obtained your license in your new state. If it is within the 30-day window, we will convert your resident producer license to a non-resident producer license at no charge.  The new license will become effective the date of notification and finish the term of the resident license.

If you miss the 30-day window, you will have to fill out our application and pay the nonresident fee of $380.

PLEASE NOTE:  These directions do not apply to temporary licenses.