The Main Street Four-Point Approach®

In recent decades, multiple approaches to commercial district revitalization, from urban renewal to highly-publicized, big-fix redevelopment projects, have failed because they focused on just one or two discreet issues, rather than addressing the full range of inter-related issues that affect each individual commercial district.

Main Street’s Four Points include: Organization; Promotion; Design; and Economic Restructuring. Main Street work is organized around these Four Points, and all Four Points are addressed comprehensively by the local Main Street organization.

  • Organization brings the community together. Building consensus and cooperation among multiple district stakeholders is readily addressed by the local program’s volunteers and by the Main Street board and committee structure representing both downtown and stakeholder interests.
  • Promotion sells both the image and promise of the Main Street district to shoppers, investors, new businesses, and visitors. With an effective promotion strategy, the Main Street district’s positive image is promoted through retail promotions, special events, and marketing campaigns implemented by the local program.
  • Design addresses the district’s physical environment. Capitalizing on the district’s best assets, such as historic buildings and traditional layout, is one part of Main Street design work. Other design-related activities, such as merchandising, wayfinding, sidewalks, and landscaping, help convey a visual message about what Main Street has to offer.
  • Economic restructuring improves the commercial district economy. By helping existing businesses expand and recruiting new business that respond to today’s market, Main Street programs help convert unused space into productive properties and cultivate local and regional entrepreneurship.