Prenatal to Three Initiative (PN3)

‚ÄčThe Prenatal to Three Initiative (PN3) is the name for Illinois' opportunity to participate in a parallel process to the Initiative Pritzker Children's Initiative (PCI) planning states through the generosity of the Irving Harris, McCormick and Stone Foundations. PCI supports states to develop a strategic policy agenda and implementation plan focused on prioritizing the expansion of high quality services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, beginning prenatal to three to get them on track for school success by age three. In Illinois, the policy agenda and implementation plan will seek to provide services to an additional 25% of Illinois' infant/toddler population (50,000 infants and toddlers) by 2023, and an additional 50% of low-income infant/toddler population by 2025 (100,000 low-income infants and toddlers). While Illinois could not be funded directly by PCI, Illinois will be able to engage in all of the technical assistance and peer learning opportunities available. Fortunately, Illinois has long been a leader in prioritizing infants and toddlers, and this work will build from the work that already exists. Click here to view Illinois' Final PN3 Policy Agenda. 

PN3 Resources