Jamilah R. Jor'dan, Ph.D. - Acting Executive Director

Tisa Charles, Ph.D - Manager of Budgets and Contracts (MIECHVP)

Michelle Zajac Esquivel, MPH - Assistant Project Director (MIECHVP)

Ebony Hoskin - Office Manager

Iris Hildreth, M.A. - Family Engagement Manager

Deborah Hwang, A.M. - Coordinated Intake Strategy Manager

Helen Jacobsen, M.Ed. - Manager of Quality Assurance & Compliance (MIECHVP)

Maggie Koller, M.S. - Director of Communication & Dissemination

Tom Layman, M.Ed. - QRIS (ExceleRate) Policy Director

Artiya Nash, B.A., Erikson Education Leadership Certificate - Project Director

Donna Nylander, M.S. - Pyramid Model Implementation Director

PhuongY Nguyen, CPA - Business Manager

Lori Orr, M.S. - Policy Director Cross-Systems PD & Program Enhancements

Bethany Patten, MPP - Workforce Policy Director

Lesley Schwartz, LCSW – Project Director (MIECHVP)

Joanna Su, M.S.W. - Manager of Strategic Planning (MIECHVP)