College and Career Readiness Committee

The mission of the CCR Committee is to improve alignment among State initiatives, policy, and external supports to the unifying vision statement through:

  1. Actionable recommendations to the P-20 Council and State Agencies
  2. The development and implementation of policy
  3. Coordinating efforts across externally-driven programs and state initiatives
  4. Improving employer ownership and engagement
  5. Serving as a forum for meaningful practitioner input


All Illinois learners will have access to multiple quality college and career pathway options, and will complete a pathway that (1) leads to and through an apprenticeship or another quality postsecondary education and training program, (2) supports attainment of foundational employability skills and a credential valued by regional employers, and (3) enables further education and career advancement through efficient linkages.​

For more information about joining the CCR Committee, please contact Emily Rusca 

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