How Your SECA Contribution Helps


For $20 per pay period, you can:

  • Purchase one spotting scope for monitoring released California Condors, Aplomado Falcons, Hawaiian songbirds, and Harpy Eagles and their movements in the wild.
  • Buy an expert toxicologist's time to respond to a community group's need for detailed technical review of air or water quality test results, helping them interpret the data's implications for the risks to their health.
  • Build a release tower for endangered Alpomado Falcons.
  • Help fund research to identify the chemicals in air pollution that are linked to birth defects, lung cancer and leukemia.
  • Provide rain gear for 20 underprivileged youths on an educational outing to the wilderness.

For $25 per pay period, you can:

  • Help create an electronic copy of a research report and make it available to environmental professionals and citizens around the world.
  • Provide technical assistance to nine communities on billboards, scenic byways, visual blight, cell towers, good visual environmental practices and other scenic conservation issues.

For $50 per pay period, you can:

  • Sponsor two classes of 15 students from underprivileged areas to a day at the zoo to see spectacular wildlife firsthand, and to gain an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats.

For $75 per pay period, you can:

  • Purchase an elephant radio collar to be used for research in Kenya, Tanzania, and the Kazungula Heartland where elephant populations are threatened and require monitoring.