Board of Trustees Meeting Dates

The Board of Trustees of the General Assembly Retirement System of Illinois has agreed to meet on the following dates.

Tuesday - January 12, 2021Springfield2:00 PMAgendaMinutesNotice
Wednesday - April 28, 2021Springfield9:00 AMAgendaMinutesNotice
Friday - October 29, 2021Chicago1:00 PMAgendaMinutesNotice
Tuesday - January 11, 2022Springfield9:00 AMAgendaMinutesNotice
Tuesday - March 08, 2022Springfield9:00 AMAgendaMinutesNotice
Wednesday - April 27, 2022Springfield9:00 AMAgendaMinutesNotice
Friday - October 28, 2022Chicago1:00 PMAgendaNotice
Tuesday - January 10, 2023Springfield9:00 AM
Wednesday - April 26, 2023Springfield9:00 AM
Friday - October 27, 2023Chicago1:00 PM
*Special Meeting Notice (Teleconference Login Information)

The location of the schedule meetings are below.

Springfield: Senate Conference Room 627 A of the State Capitol, Springfield Illinois
Chicago: Michael Bilandic Building, 160 North LaSalle, Suite S721