If you become disabled and unable to perform the duties of your position, you may receive disability benefits which will partially replace your working income.

Retirement Annuity for Permanent Disability

If you are permanently disabled, you may receive a retirement annuity if you have at least eight years of pension credit and your disability occurs while you are a legislator. The GARS Board of Trustees must determine if you are totally and permanently disabled and unable to perform your elected position.

Applying For and Receiving Permanent Disability Benefits

You must apply for disability benefits and provide a copy of your birth certificate. The application process requires you to obtain two physician's reports certifying you as unable to perform the duties of your position, and also requires you to sign a GARS medical release form.

Your disability benefit equals your earned retirement benefit and is effective on the day following your removal from payroll. You will receive a 3% increase on January 1 or July 1 following your first full year of receiving a retirement annuity for permanent disability, but never before age 60.