• Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza

    Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza


  • David Morris

    David Morris

    Vice-Chairperson - Elected Member (Term Expires 7/15/24)

  • Danny Silverthorn

    Danny Silverthorn

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Carl A. Jenkins

    Carl A. Jenkins

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Jameson Ramirez

    Jameson Ramirez

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Mark Donovan

    Mark Donovan

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Ray Koenig III

    Ray Koenig III

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Melverta Wilkins

    Melverta Wilkins

    Appointed by the Governor

  • Jeremy Hawk

    Jeremy Hawk

    Elected Member (Term Expires 7/15/24)

  • Jack Matthews

    Jack Matthews

    Elected Member (Term Expires 7/15/26)

  • John Tilden

    John Tilden

    Elected Retiree (Term Expires 7/15/26)

  • Barbara J.C. Baird

    Barbara J.C. Baird

    Elected Retiree (Term Expires 7/15/24)

The SERS Board of Trustees consists of thirteen members. Trustees include the Illinois Comptroller, six trustees appointed by the Governor, four active trustees elected by the SERS members, and two retired trustees elected by SERS retirees.

 Organization Chart